The Luxurious Laundry Room

What an unexpected laundry room! This room used to be a big brown box - really! But we totally transformed it - everything from updating the paint color to removing the particle board shelf to installing beadboard and chair rail.

Here's how it turned out!

The second custom redwood shelf with rustic shelf brackets extends the width of the back shorter wall at a height that accommodates access to 8 stacked laundry baskets - a must! I also added these cool wire baskets, which are great for storing everything from masking tape to light bulbs to clothespins, supplies and more! They are easily accessible but hide the knicknacks due to the liner.

Faux foliage adds warmth in a traditionally stark room (hello, fluorescent lighting!) Jars store laundry supplies without feeling heavy. The light aqua color, Sherwin Williams Window Pane, isn't overbearing, rather calming and simply lovely. Overall, I really enjoy spending time in this space and it's a huge improvement!

Images courtesy of EPIC Home Realty. Thank you!

Here's what the Laundry Room and basic shelf looked like BEFORE the renovation:

Here's what the other side of the Laundry Room looked like BEFORE we added the custom shelf in the renovation: