The Loft Shiplap

As beautifully as this house was designed, there were a couple awkward spaces that really had no purpose. So we decided to add shiplap to them and give them a purpose!

One such space was this little recessed area at the top of the stairs near the Loft. In the model home, it was filled with cabinets, but in our house, it was left as an empty space with an outlet.

Enter Shiplap

This was the very first project we did during our reno. Hubby removed the baseboard and beautifully pieced the shiplap together in a pattern so that it looks pleasing to the eye and professionally installed. I opted not to replace the baseboard because I prefer the look of the shiplap going all the way down to the carpet.

We color-matched the trim for a seamless look. I probably spent around 10 hours in front of this shiplap wall for its 3 coats of paint and filling in the nail holes. It was a very long process to paint it, but I thought it needed to filled and painted sufficiently to make it look more high-end and fit in with the area.

Staging the Shiplap Space

I ended up putting my newly chalk-painted cube organizer in front of the shiplap; the colors correspond beautifully. I then added a Chicken Wire Lamp, a Galvanized Metal Egg Holder, and a large mason jar filled with dried Great Northern beans and some bright yellow gerbera daisies for a pop of color.

Now, the space provides interest and even storage. Books, toys, or even linens could be kept in the cube organizer. Overall, it's a much better designed space with a comfortable shipalp backdrop, welcoming you to The Playful Loft!

Images courtesy of EPIC Home Realty. Thank you!

Here's a glimpse at what the awkward Loft space looked like BEFORE we added shiplap: