The Boys Room

The Boys Room was one of the most significant improvements with primarily wall decor. I debated a lot on whether or not to paint a feature wall or two in this bedroom, but ultimately decided against it and opted to use the selected paint color for the Casita instead.

Although the boys preferred a rocket theme, I went with a car/plane theme because I easily found decor that I liked for reasonable prices. Vintage red really livens up the Knapweed colored walls, while the navy and gray dresser is noticeable immediately when you enter the room and is oh-so-boy!

This room is fun to be in now and has interesting storage all around for all those little cars and trinkets boys collect.

Here are some of the wall decor pieces I got for The Boys Room

I really enjoyed this bright, juvenile room now, and I think the boys do too! It's amazing what some wall decor can do for a room!

Next Project House

That's the end of our project tour. Now it's time to sell the house and move on to the next fixer upper! :)

And that concludes the tour of the Playful Loft! In which part would you most enjoy playing?