Homemaker Hack: Sticky Stuff

Got something sticky on your hands that just won't come off? Here's a homemaker hack for ya: fractionated coconut oil.

But first I'll start off with a story... While finally deciding to warm the professional-grade honey-based wax I had purchased a couple years ago to solve a hairy back dilemma, I accidentally got a drop of water in it.

"No problem," I thought. I'll just touch the tip of my finger to it to try to get rid of the water droplet.

Well, let me tell you...that was a bad idea, leaving me in a residual sticky situation. I washed and washed my hands - with 2 different soaps! I picked at the sticky wax, rubbed my hands together, and felt increasingly irritated by the residue left on my fingertips. Out of desperation, I was about ready to pour rubbing alcohol all over my hand, when I remembered the old concept: like cleans like.

And that's when I squirted some fractionated coconut oil on my hand instead. I rubbed it in really well for a couple minutes, then washed my hands with foaming castile soap. And voila! NO MORE STICKINESS!

I was pleasantly surprised by this easy fix and so very grateful that I wouldn't have to finish my day feeling like a whites tree frog with those sticky toes.

So next time you get a little stickiness on your hands from duct taping the handle of your 7-year-old steam mop that you just won't pay to replace...

Grab some fractionated coconut oil! (It's a fraction of the cost of a new steam mop...just sayin'...)

How to Get Rid of Sticky Residue from Labels

Got a sticky area where you pulled off a label on a water bottle, kitchen glassware, or another nonporous surface? No problem! Just get a little lemon essential oil (or WD40) on a paper towel, and gently rub it off. Easy peasy, and you'll be happily on your way with more important things like meal prep and baking cookies! :) It's a Happy Homemaker Hack!

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