Formal Dining and Living Rooms

Formal dining and living rooms aren't always included in houses nowadays, but these are the first two rooms you encounter when entering our house. Before the reno, they were mostly empty and used for a plasma car track and carwash or a box fort.

Dining Room Redo

I knew the large dining room wall needed to pop, but I didn't want to spend the money to buy a very large mirror or fancy wall art. My budget solution?

I painted the wall Sherwin Williams Cocoa Whip and got these Whitewashed Wood Letters half off to spell out the word "GATHER." Instead of spending $200-$300 on wall art, I spent about $84 + plus tax and Command Strips. Yes, those Picture Hanging Command Strips are awesome and worth the extra pennies when hanging wall art.

Modern Farmhouse Design

The interesting thing about the feature wall paint color paired with the large 14" letters is that is an eloquent blend of modern and farmhouse decor. The simplicity of negative space with a grayish brown hue is very contemporary design. However, the white distressed wood is definitely a nod to country or shabby chic decor.

Then the white-washed table and aqua chairs added some contrast and a pop of color. But the cherry on top was definitely the bright yellow sunflowers. I'm pleased with how it turned out with such little money spent.

Lovely Living Room

I've had this beautiful white desk for more than a decade. There's really no better space to put it than in the Living Room. So, instead of trying to hide the large desk, I decided to just own it!

I purchased an adorable Antique White Desk Lamp and put a large White Framed Corkboard on the wall in front of it with fashion push pins.

A metal vase with a large assortment of faux flowers added some needed color, a lamp was moved from another room for added light, and the white sofa was positioned to greet guests as they enter through the doorway. The front of the arch between the two rooms was also painted Sherwin Williams Cocoa Whip to draw the visitor's eyes toward the dining room feature wall. It's a nice gentle touch.

Simple, minimalist, but warm and inviting. I'll take it.

And that's the tour of the dining and living room. Let's move on to one of my favorite surprises - the Casita!

Images courtesy of EPIC Home Realty. Thank you!

Here's what the Entry Way looked like BEFORE the renovation:

Here's what the Dining Room looked like BEFORE the renovation:

Here's what the Living Room looked like BEFORE the renovation: